“Wanna go see Cherry?”

Picture a happy tail wagging hard and a mad dash to the crate. Picture an excited pup making eager sounds. Picture the impatience as we drive to 380 South Union Street in Spencerport.

My dog is going to BEAUTY IN THE BEAST GROOMING SALON. And he loves it.

I (or should I say my pup, Zeus) have been a client of Cherry’s since he was born (7 ½ years). Cherry was recommended to me by my best friend, who has a dog which has been a lifetime client as well (9 ½ years). In turn, I have recommended Cherry to my family and friends, who have also become clients.

She’s that good. She’s that reasonable. The clients just love her (both pups and humans).

I think the dogs must think they are going to some kind of spa. I know the dogs are shampooed carefully and thoroughly. They are brushed just so before their groom, which is meticulous. Their nails can be clipped, their teeth can be brushed, their glands expressed. While they wait their turn for grooming or wait to be picked up, they are put into comfortable crates; and they are taken care of with lots of attention and affection.

Cherry offers many services, depending on the needs of the clients. My pup is a bichon-shitzu mix and goes for a bath every other week (where he is washed and brushed and trimmed) and a groom once a month. He could be a show dog because he is so beautiful when he is done with his appointments.

What more can I say except

“Wanna go see Cherry?”


Beauty in the Beast

380 S. Union St #1
Spencerport, NY





Tuesday - Saturday

By appointment only


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